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DR. LILLY RAHMANN was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Lilly was introduced to gemstones at an early age. Her father was an owner of a ruby mine, a gemstone cutting factory and a jewellery store in a gemstone mining area of Thailand. Each weekend he would bring home rubies and other gemstones to be graded. He would ask Lilly to help him because he knew how much she loved the stones and that she had a good eye for quality. Lilly attended the " Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences " in Bangkok where she graduated as a gemologist. She taught and worked at the Institute's Gem Identification Laboratory for over five years where she acquired valuable experience & knowledge.

Lilly is an accomplished artist and her passion for gemstones has naturally inspired her to create her signature line of jewellery. Lilly's success is due to her uncanny ability as a gemologist to find rare, genuine, unique gemstones and crystals, combined with her limitless imagination as a designer allows her to create a style and a product that is truly unique. All of her jewellery is exclusive and hand-crafted. She makes her jewellery only when she is happy so that she transmits only positive energy to her creations. She creates each piece according to the healing powers of the gemstones. You can see many of her pieces at her company's website at www.asa-design.com and at her personal website at www.lillyrahmann.com.

Lilly has been selected by NOVICA which is affiliated with the world famous NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY to represent her country of birth as an " EXCLUSIVE JEWELLERY ARTIST ". You can purchase pieces of her jewellery that she made exclusively for Novica on their official website at www.novica.com.

Lilly discovered the healing powers of crystals and gemstones during this creative process. This interest in self- healing brought her to take Reiki courses. She is now an accomplished Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master. Through her Reiki instructor she found out about Quantum Touch. She Studied this discipline and became a Quantum Touch Practioner. She also successfully completed their "Core Transformation Course". She is now a fully Certified Quantum Touch Instructor. Lilly has taught this self-healing technique to many people in Canada and in Thailand where she worked with autistic children.

Through her work, Lilly realized that many people have psychological barriers that make it difficult for her to treat them properly. This lead her to believe she could reach people better through hypnosis. She then studied hypnosis with M. Cal Banyan of the world famous " Banyan Hypnosis Institute" in Los Angeles, California. She is now a Certified Hypnosis Instructor

Lilly is also very interested in natural health issues, not only in what we eat, but how to detoxify the body. She studied and read about body detoxfication and through theses studies became a Spa Therapist.

After many years of hard work, Lilly has recently received her Phd degree in Alternative Energy Medecine.

Lilly is very passionate about her work and she will keep on studying, learning and teaching about self-healing. Lilly has helped many people with psychological, emotional and physical problems along her journey. It always gives her great satisfaction when she is able to help someone restore their mental and physical health which is the most important thing in our lives.As the saying goes: " HEALTH IS WEALTH. "

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